Beginner's Guide to Riding your Hoverboard

The day has finally arrived, your brand new SolTravelerHoverboard has arrived! As you go to put one foot on, the hoverboard begins to vibrate vigorously and as you try to mount the second foot on, boom, down you go. Not easy, you say to yourself.
Fear no more, we've all been there, so we decided to compile a mini guide to help you out. Before you know it you'll be up and running in no time.
So without further due..

two-wheeled electric scooter
Step 1: Getting on the hoverboardA. Make sure your board is fully charged up. Begin by placing the board right in front of your toes.
(Often, people ask if the lights are suppose to be in the front or the back? The answer, it doesn't matter, however some people think that having the lights at the back can act as turning signals)
B. Keep the board as flat as possible and with your dominant foot, step as close as possible to the wheel. The wider the distance is between your two feet, the easier the ride will be.
Quickly transition your other foot onto the board. Again, ensuring the foot is as close to the wheel as possible.
C. Look forward, not down or up. Focus on a distant object, trying not tense up. Tensing up will only make it more difficult, as the board will begin to wobble back and forth. 
Step 2: Moving Around on the HoverboardA.North and South
Again, try not to over think it. In fact, simply think about where you want to go., focusing on a distant object. The board is very responsive, and slight transitions in body weight will be sufficient enough to get you moving in the direction you want to go in. Lean too much and you will fall. Keep your core as still as possible, and ever so slightly lean forward to go north and back to move south!

B. Turning
In order to turn, begin by twisting forward the foot that is opposite your turning direction. Therefore, if you want to turn right, simply push your left toe forward.
Sharp turns or turning on the spot can be accomplished by twisting your back foot, essentially pushing down your back heel. For example, given our earlier example of turning left, your right foot is twisting forward, while at the same time your left foot is twisting down and back.
Step 3: Stepping Off the HoverboardHands down, probably the hardest part in the entire process. But, fear not, we got your back! Begin by shifting your weight to your dominant foot, and then step off the board with your non-dominant foot. Try your best to resist trying to simply jump off your board!
Follow the above steps and we are confident tha you will be zooming around on your soltravelerhoverboard  in no time!
If you haven’t yet bought your hoverboard, make sure to check out our collections page here
Have fun!